Test report Ortovox Peak Light

The Peak Light 40 backpack from Ortovox in test

The new Peak Light series is an absolute highlight of the Ortovox backpack collection. The backpack is super light, very robust and has well thought-out features - an ideal companion on any high-altitude tour, but is also super flexible to use. I have tested the backpack for you extensively, although so far only on normal hiking tours and multi-day tours. Unfortunately, I could not start this season yet a high-altitude tour, but I think everyone who is much on the road in the mountains knows: You have booked the hut and the weather does not play along or your climbing partner is injured or sick. Therefore, there is a small update when I also had the backpack with me on the next high altitude tour.

A test report by Nina from the team purchase.

The first impression

The backpack has a very minimalist design and weighs an unbeatable 1290g, so he quickly convinced me, because that's really top for a backpack of this size: On a high-altitude tour, every gram counts - the lighter the backpack, the less I have to lug up and also back down. Therefore, the Peak Light has some super features. Namely, the weight can be reduced by 30% in no time by removing the hip belt, the lid and the back reinforcement. Nevertheless, you can easily stow all your equipment for the high altitude tour: It has an ice axe attachment, a helmet net, a rope attachment and also the possibility to safely store emergency equipment. If you want to use the backpack for a high altitude ski tour, you can attach the skis in two ways: Either you attach them individually to the sides via the compression straps or diagonally to the backpack. It's all super easy to attach and also self-explanatory .

Box first impression
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Fit & Carrying System

An absolute highlight is the SWISSWOOL 3D BACK SYSTEM: it combines wool fleece, which consists of 80% recycled Swisswool, with ergonomic foam inserts and a special 3D embossed and recycled outer fabric. At the contact points, Swisswool pads provide a comfortable feel and I can confirm that 100%. The backpack feels great and thanks to the wool from Swiss mountain sheep it is super breathable, absorbs a lot of moisture and also dries super fast. Therefore, the backpack is also super suitable for long and sweaty tours and has also fully convinced me.

Other features

I am an absolute fan of the circumferential zipper, you come super fast to the equipment that you just need. Especially with large backpacks I find it really annoying to always clear everything out and back in. In addition, the Peak Light backpack also has a small front pocket to store small items such as keys, sunscreen, etc.. This is also top if you have removed the lid compartment!


The Peak Light's two main outer materials are 100% and 50% recycled polyamide, which is also super durable and rugged while also being water repellent. The incorporated Swiss wool is a natural resource AND recycled. Likewise, the backpack is PFC-free and is produced in a climate-neutral way.


Super light, thoughtful features and also visually mega nice. In addition, it is also made from recycled and natural materials . I am absolutely thrilled with the new Peak Light backpack and he will definitely accompany me on all my high altitude tours and multi-day tours.

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