Nordic Walking Poles

Nordic Walking Poles at Sport Bittl Shop

Nordic walking Poles support fast walking and make Nordic Walking a demanding endurance sport.
If the poles are used correctly, Your arm and upper body muscles will be trained.
Brands at Sport Bittl: LEKI.
Important aspects that You should consider when buying Nordic Walking Poles are performance, comfort and adaptability.

Material: aluminum or carbon
Most commonly, poles are made of aluminum or carbon. Every material has its advantages and disadvantages. Carbon poles are very resistant and also lighter than aluminum poles. The disadvantage of carbon is that it can break through immediately and does not bend like an aluminum pole.

Thanks to clamping systems (Power Lock, Power Lock 2, Power Lock 3, Twist Lock, Speed ​​Lock 2, Flick Lock, etc.) You can adjust the pole to your body size (Attention: Old or damaged clamping systems have a low holding power and thus adjust high risk of injury!)

Grips: EVA foam or cork
Cork grips offer more comfort than gripgs made of EVA foam. Because grips made from the natural product reduce perspiration and blisters on the hands. Innovative technologies such as Trigger Shark / Trigger Shark 2.0 provide additional comfort and safety.

Speed Tip for precise pole use. Smarttip 2.0 for optimum adaptation to the ground. Flex tip for precise pole use and perfect grip in almost any terrain.

Height   Pole length
133 bis 140 cm   90 cm
141 bis 147 cm   95 cm
148 bis 155 cm   100 cm
156 bis 162 cm   105 cm
163 bis 170 cm   110 cm
171 bis 178 cm   115 cm
179 bis 185 cm   120 cm
186 bis 193 cm   125 cm
194 bis 200 cm   130 cm
201 bis 208 cm   135 cm