Buying advice jackets for kids

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Buying advice: The right children's jackets for spring, fall, winter and summer

Are you looking for a robust outdoor jacket for your little explorer? Then you will certainly find what you are looking for in the Sport Bittl Shop! In our buying guide we introduce you to different types of jackets for your offspring and compare softshell, hardshell and insulated jackets for kids. In the following article, you can find out how they differ and what you should consider when choosing a children's jacket.

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Softshell jackets for trendy boys and girls: Comfortable and breathable

Softshell jackets for kids are the perfect companions for any adventures of little nature lovers, because they are practical, highly functional and versatile: Whether on a family trip to the mountains, romping in the schoolyard or playing in the kindergarten - softshell jackets are simply ideal for children's outdoor activities.

They score with their breathability, effectively wicking sweat and excess heat to the outside. This makes them suitable for small mountain or ski touring fans. In addition, their wind-repellent or windproof performance ensures that your kids do not cool down on a stormy summit.

By the way, with a softshell children's jacket your treasure is optimally dressed all year round. Although the softshell jacket is not extremely warm, but can be worn by your junior with enough base and midlayers even in winter. The jackets are the ideal companions for spring and autumn.

Advantages softshell jacket for children:

  • Breathable
  • Comfortable: plenty of freedom of movement
  • Wind resistant or windproof
  • Versatile: can be used all year round

Disadvantages softshell jacket for children:

  • Not waterproof (but usually water repellent)
  • Not too warm

Hardshell jackets for cool kids: Equipped in any weather!

A true all-rounder for active exploration tours of small outdoor heroes is the hardshell jacket. It consists of two or three layers of fabric, membranes (for example, Gore-Tex) and has taped seams, which make the hardshell jacket waterproof and effectively protect your offspring from rain and moisture when romping outside. This makes this jacket the ideal rain jacket for boys and girls who like to play outside in any weather. In addition, the hardshell jacket scores with its windproof performance, which protects the little ones from unpleasant wind on a drafty peak or during a rapid descent on a ski tour. So your little winter sportsman stays well tempered and does not cool down so quickly.

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Also in terms of breathability, the lightweight hardshell jacket does not need to hide! Although it is not as breathable as a softshell jacket, it still proves itself during strenuous tours of small outdoor sports fans. This is ensured, for example, ventilation zippers under the arms, which allow temperature regulation, if it should be too warm for your kids. In addition, it can be optimally stowed in the children's backpack due to its low packing volume and weight.

Advantages hardshell jacket for children:

  • Waterproof, thanks to membranes such as Gore-Tex
  • Windproof
  • Small pack volume
  • Low weight

Disadvantages hardshell jacket for children:

  • Breathability not quite as good as soft shell jackets
  • Good hardshell jackets are not quite cheap
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Insulation jackets for kiddos: Comfortably warm in any weather

Insulation jackets for children ensure that mini adventurers can tackle their outdoor activities perfectly insulated. This is ensured by the filling of an insulation jacket, which stores the heat as well as possible and is responsible for the insulating effect. In the meantime, manufacturers offer fillings made of a wide variety of materials: classic down provides the best thermal performance and a low weight, but is relatively sensitive to moisture. Fillings made of synthetic and partly recycled fibers can almost keep up with the warmth-to-weight ratio of classic down, but are much less sensitive to moisture.

Would you like to know more about insulation jackets and their different fillers?

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Note: A lightweight insulation jacket keeps small alpinists nice and warm in winter, but is only partially breathable and therefore less suitable for sweaty climbs.

Advantages insulation jacket for children:

  • Warm
  • Windproof
  • Light

Disadvantages insulation jacket for children:

  • Limited breathability
  • Not waterproof


Whether softshell, hardshell or insulated jacket for children: functional and versatile children's jackets have different strengths and it is recommended depending on the season, weather or children's activity sometimes one, sometimes the other model more. In our Sport Bittl store you will find a large selection of children's jackets from many well-known manufacturers who rely on the latest technologies and produce highly functional products for little adventurers.