The new hiking collection from Mammut in the test

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Extreme test in the Colombian jungle

During our trip to Colombia, we made our way to"Ciudad Perdida", an abandoned city perched in the middle of the jungle. The pre-Columbian city, built by the indigenous Tairona people, is located in the Sierra Nevade de Santa Marta and can only be reached on foot during a strenuous 4-day hike through lush green jungle - perfect conditions for the extreme test of Mammut's new hiking collection. I had a pair of shorts, two shirts and a midlayer with me. Whether the parts convinced me? Si claro!

A test report by Melina from the online marketing team.

Softshell pants Mammut

Aenergy Light Shorts

The Aenergy Light is a softshell shorts designed for all mountain adventures on hot days : It is made of an abrasion-resistant double fabric and is at the same time extremely lightweight. Even in sweaty 30 ° degrees , it was really breathable, airy AND fast drying: I never felt that I was too hot in the pants or that they were extremely wet sweat. The pants are treated with a PFC-free waterproofing, so at least I wasn't completely soaked right away on an afternoon when it was really raining extremely hard. What I particularly like about the shorts is the stretchy fabric. I do not like stiff pants at all, so I have the full freedom of movement of stretchy Aenergy Light very much enjoyed - especially when times was scrambled over higher stones. The wider waistband sits comfortably on the hips and can be flexibly adjusted thanks to the elastic portion and the drawstring. And: The pants do not wear out at all and sat even after four days still optimal. Full recommendation!

To the shorts

Ciudad Perdida
Outfit from behind

Aenergy Shirts

I had two of the Aenergy FL shirts with me, in the colors grape and salmon. Both colors I liked super well, but I also like it colorful! The shirts are the lightest first layer that Mammut has to offer - perfect for high temperatures! The fabric made of mesh (100% recycled polyester!) Is breathable and feels totally light on the skin. Thanks to body mapping technology, the middle front and the shoulder area are somewhat reinforced, the sides and back hingegegen extremely airy. The shirt is odor-resistant, a nature-based technology is to reduce unpleasant odors. To be honest, I definitely smelled myself in the evening, albeit a bit less than in the shirts I wore on other days. Still, the smell really didn't invite a second wear without washing, but given the temperatures and humidity, I'm not surprised! A few reflective elements provide visibility in the evening, but I could not test that, because we sat already freshly showered with the winning beer in the camp when it was dark ;-)

To the shirt

Shirt Mammut
Fleece jacket Mammut

Madris Light Fleece Jacket

The last Mammut piece I had in my luggage was the Madris Light ML fleece jacket. Why now a fleece jacket in the hot and humid jungle? In the morning at 6 o'clock it was definitely still fresh, as well as in the nights, because the camps were open and designed without walls. So I was really glad for the light midlayer and since the fleece is quite thin and waffle-like on the inside, it really didn't get too hot. The material is very elastic, so there is also an optimal freedom of movement, while the cuffs ensure a good fit. In the pockets, small items can be easily stowed and the hood is cut quite tight, so that it would also fit perfectly under a helmet - and do not worry, Mammut has also thought of the mane: In the hood there is a small opening for the braid. All in all: a super companion for all sports but also for everyday life, because the jacket can also be folded quite small and finds space in any backpack!

To the fleece jacket

Mammoth fleece
Rear view jacket
Jacket full body
Fleece close up

My conclusion

Four days in the jungle, four mammoth pieces, can only fit well, right? For me, there's nothing worse than stiff, constricting and too hot clothes during sports. Since especially the pants seem very "stable", I was a bit skeptical before. But I was absolutely convinced by all parts with their elastic fabrics and the high freedom of movement. Each garment is breathable and was immediately dry again. AND: Even the jacket can be packed up very small. Thus, all parts have qualified for the next backpacking adventure - and for the mountains at home of course ;-)

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