Touring Skis

Skitouring is a unique experience, every new tour is experienced in a unique and special way. At Sport Bittl you will find everything you need for your next tour.  
One thing is certain, there isn’t one kind of touring skiers. If you take the people who are on tour with classic touring skis or with freeride skis, add the telemarkers and snowboarders, so you have a colorful crow of people.
But in order to experience this feeling, you need the perfect material for your type. We give you an overview of the material and important tips that you have to pay attention to when buying your skitouring set.
Higher demands are also associated with a larger selection: A touring ski should be as light as possible for ascent, but at the same time the ski must be able to drive reliably on icy steep slopes and in deep snow. The low weight of the ski touring equipment facilitates longer climbs enormously, you can reach the top faster, have more power reserves and thus more fun. Meanwhile, you will find everything on the skitouring market - from light and narrow to extremely wide.
In terms of material, ski touring is a weight issue. Thus, the touring skis weigh much less than conventional alpine skis. At Sport Bittl you will find touring skis that you can enjoy in all snow conditions. Whether freerider or traditionalist, they are all individualists and are looking for their own challenge. You will go back on your ski touring this season as well. Now it only means: keep your fingers crossed for the weather report!
Just like you, we at Sport Bittl look forward to a long, beautiful and snowy season with countless new fascinating experiences in lonely freedom. Discover our skitouring brands: Völkl, Atomic, Dynafit, Dynastar, Fischer, K2, Scott, ....