Blizzard Hustle 10 23/24 Freeski

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Product description

The Hustle 10 is the perfect mix of ski touring and freeride skis.

The small-scale Trueblend Free wood core made of poplar, beech and paulownia brings balanced dynamics and a harmonious driving experience off-road. In addition, the weight is reduced through the thoughtful use of wood species, which makes the Hustle 10 ascent-oriented. A waist width of 102 millimeters (length 180 cm) guarantees freeriders maximum fun in untouched powder. The matte finish design with transparent sections covering the wood core and D.R.T. Making elements visible makes the ski a real eye-catcher.

Not every skier Hustles

  • Some prefer late starts and long lift rides, and that will always be alright with Blizzad. BUT for all you skiers who are here to Hustle -- those of you who work late, rise early, climb hard, rip turns, and always pack a headlamp -- Blizzard has a new ski collection that honors your every move. Blizzard even named it after you: HUSTLE.

You might think of the Hustle collection as a combination of Blizzard's lightweight Zero Gs and ripping Rustlers. But when you hit the skin track -- and definitely, when you drop in -- you'll find Hustle is unlike anything else in the world. The right weight for your uphill and downhill so your session is on point with Blizzard's TrueBlend Freeride Woodcore and Carbon DRT support. Hustle makes no compromises at any point of your sunrise to sunset day in the mountains. Because you, dear skier, deserve gear that Hustles as hard as you.

Since 1945, Blizzard has made skis for nearly everyone. The on-piste carvers. The big-cliff senders. The high-alpine climbers. The down-low aprés-ers.

But there was a group missing from the equatation: The Hustlers.

Let’s set the stage with a definition:

HUSTLE noun /ˈhʌs.əl/

a) energetic activity, hard work; I went about the hustle of winter life.

b) effort and energy in playing a sport; The fans admire them for their hustle. A player known more for his hustle than his talent.

Hustlers are a subculture of skiers who write their own stories in the backcountry. They’re working late. Up early. First to the skin track. Smiling on the summit. And showing how it’s done one turn, slash, and air at a time. They keep it light and quick uphill, but never compromise on the downhill because they are always sending it, all the time.

These Hustlers deserve a backcountry ski that lives up to their lifestyle. So we handcrafted an all-new collection in our Miterstill, Austria factory. And we named it after the very people that inspired it.

Hustle is an all-new, gender-neutral collection blending the best of the Blizzrad past: the lightweight mastery of the Zero G collection, with the freeride domination of the Rustler and Sheeva.

Product information
  • Core: Trueblend Free, Poplar, Beech, Paulownia

  • Carbon D.R.T. Dynamic Release Technology

  • Trueblend Freeride

  • Sandwich Compound Sidewall (QQ)

  • Edge tuning below: 0.9°

  • Edge tuning side: 87.7°

  • Rocker: rocker camber rocker

Product Id: 71460585196
Color: Orange
Technical data
Lenght (cm) Radius (m) Sidecut (mm) Weight/ pair
156 13,0 131 - 102 - 121 2900g
164 14,5 131,5 - 102 - 121,5 3260g
172 16,0 132 - 102 - 122 3500g
180 17,5 133 - 102 - 122,5 3800g
188 19,0 135,5 - 104 - 125,5 4080g
True Blend Woodcore
True Blend Woodcore:
Blizzard has designed a specific Trueblend Free Woodcore for their freeride / back country category skis. It combines beech and poplar – two wood types that guarantee performance – with paulownia for a lightweight, yet high-performance wood core. The result: the right flex to cover for all backcountry requirements in a lighter package.
The Trueblend Free Woodcore specifically positions three different densities of wood together to form a woodcore that is specifically designed to optimize the flex of the ski and deliver a smooth and balanced feeling.
Carbon D.R.T.
Carbon D.R.T.:
D.R.T. stands for dinamic release technology. It has proven itself to be the perfect dynamic energy release technology for the freeride/ back country category. The strength and lightness of carbon fiber ensure: • lightweight damping • stability and control D.R.T. blends carbon fiber with fiberglass to give you better support, more confidence and greater performance without compromising on the fun.
Shape Specs Hustle
Shape Specs Hustle:
The shapes are key in this category. The right amount of rocker and camber, combined with a versatile sidecut, is what makes this ski special and has it working perfectly in every kind of snow condition. VERSATILE SIDECUT that allows for great turns and ease to pivot. CHOOSE YOUR WEAPON Hustle 11 (188 cm): 21 m Hustle 10 (180 cm): 17.5 m Hustle 9 (180 cm): 17 m WEIGHT: 1800 gr Hustle 10 (180mm) Maximum fun in a light package, thanks to the Trueblend Free Woodcore and the Carbon D.R.T. structure.
Playful Performance
Playful Performance:
The specific usage of carbon fiber guarantees an extremely high level of performance that, thanks to the natural property of this material, stays strong but yet light at the same time. Lightness is even more enhanced thanks to the pawlonia wood used in the Trueblend Core. With Hustle you have that playful companion which you want to have on your side when exploring the mountains

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