Its been a huge year with amazing support from everyone involed, bringing to the market our best ever paddle board collection. It's like the end of a movie with hundreds of people to congratulate on their efforts, smart ideas and hard work. I would especialle like to mention our co-workers who have been a part of the weekly street and river clean ups in Bangkok, becoming real Trash Heros.

I believe we are making headway not only in creating benchmark products and motivation more people to enjoy paddle boarding, but also in improving the way we run our business more respectfully. Creating a glimpse of how a small family company like Starboard can lift standards in manufacturing and the future of the sport itself is the new fire withing our organizanzion. Small things such as more intelligend packaging can reduce about 10,000 kg of plastic pollution, and will have a positiv impact beyond our network.

Have a look at the concave that makes the Serenity the most comforable and quickest composite Yoga board. We are always looking at the entry level of our sport and our new Endure Tufsking paddle made from recycled material alters the perception of what an entry level paddle should feel like. After 10 years of paddle boarding, I fell we are still at the very beginning of the sport and brining to the market innovations that will help design its future.

We have had loads of fun coming up with ways to engage you in our Mangrove planting profect in the Thor Heyerdahl park in Myanmar and enden wit the catch lin, "Buy a Mangrove and get a board for free".

Svein Rasmussen - Chief Innovator