Toby Hild was born 1970 in Munich, rode motocross bikes in the 80’s and then switched to downhill. Early in the 90’s he founded the company Amazing Toys and manufactured MTB DH components such as handlebars, chainguides and grips. After a big motocross crash in the year 2000, he was forced to stop all sports activities he had been doing up until that point.

After a lengthy recovery phase he was able to slowly start riding mountainbikes again in 2002 but concentrated more on marathon riding which started out quite successfully with a 3rd place of the SQlab employees team at the Munich 24 hr event.

In addition to over 25 years of experience in competition sports and being a test rider for manufacturers and magazines, the many accidents and surgeries he has gone through have almost given his body seismographic capabilities. He immediately notices problems with the contact points grips, saddle and pedals as well as an incorrect geometry.

Since 2001, together with Dr. Stefan Stautde, Toby started researching ergonomics in cycling. The gathered theoretical findings from the teachings of anatomy and biomechanics were compared with scientific research studies, medical reports, personal experience and findings from thousands of cyclists which had meanwhile been measured up.

The findings led to both the guidebook “The path to a perfect saddle“, which is seen as standard-setting not just by retailers, and a range of components with the aim of making cycling healthier, less painful and more efficient.