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Still looking for a matching gift? Our Sport-Bittl vouchers are the right present for any occasion.
The voucher can easily be cashed at the next shopping tour on or in our stores.

• A perfect gift.
• You will receive an A4 format PDF on receipt of payment including your voucher code.
• The code can be activated in any shopping cart or in our stores.

The shopping cart includes a voucher box: just fill in your voucher code and click the “activate” button. You will have the voucher amount deducted from your current shopping cart.

How does a voucher-order work?
You will receive an email on receipt of payment (directly after your order in case of payment by credit card or Paypal), including a PDF file, which contains your voucher code. This PDF file can easily be printed at home. Just fold it accordingly, and you will have a perfectly envelope compatible voucher card (in A4 format).

You can redeem as many voucher codes as you like for one order during the ordering process. Remaining credit remains loaded on the last voucher code used and can be used again on your next purchase.

Product information
  • Our vouchers can be redeemed in the onlineshop and in our stores in Munich

  • Please log in before cashing your voucher in the onlineshop. A login is needed to credit the voucher on your account. Remaining balances cannot be credited to guest accounts.

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