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CMP launches the “IT’S MORE” campaign - imbuing outdoor life with new value

Colourful, responsible, inclusive and Italian. No better words could describe CMP, a brand belonging to the group Fratelli Campagnolo from Bassano. A brand which is internationally renowned for sportswear collections that are suited to anyone who demands the utmost comfort for everyday routine and outdoor adventures alike.

At the end of May, CMP launched the new IT’S MORE campaign which invites us to ponder on the true importance of communing with nature and experiencing that lush haven that all outdoor lovers cherish.

“We have always encouraged our consumers to enjoy outdoor activities in the simplest and most straightforward way. It is vitally important that we take enough time to do what we really enjoy, either alone or with others. Unfortunately, this obligatory quarantine has prevented us from doing just that for a long time and now that we can go out once more and immerse ourselves in nature, we will have the chance to appreciate the beauty of the outdoors even more as well as all the activities that it affords us. And by doing so, we will discover new value.” – states Fabio Campagnolo, CMP’s CEOIt’s more than just a rock, it’s freedom is the first shift in perspective that we have proposed for the campaign, because today more than ever mountains symbolise newfound freedom, like the wind on your cheeks as you race along on your bike or the trickle of sweat down your back at the end of a trail.”

Adapted in order to express a variety of different situations, the campaign explores all the specific activities and situations of use for which CMP products were created. These include trekking, hiking, trail running and cycling; then of course, there is the winter season for which a series of new themes is being developed in connection with the skiing range.

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