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The DYNAFIT brand values are speed, lightness, endurance and technology. They are embodied in our goal to provide the best performing products to mountaineers. Our products are developed in line with this ethos in order to achieve maximum minimalism, simplicity and efficiency. The “speed” core value is the inevitable consequence of the interaction between lightness, endurance, and technology. Our athletes’ expertise is a vital ingredient in our development of technical mountain sports equipment.

Technology stands for our knowledge of techniques, processes and skills used in the development and production of DYNAFIT gear. Product managers and designers working in our apparel-, footwear-, bindings-, ski- and equipment-divisions have detailed knowledge about the most cutting-edge materials, and how to utilise them in the manufacturing process to ensure the best possible outcome. We constantly challenge other players in the ski touring and mountain sports market with our technical innovations.

Lightweight, athletic and lasting. DYNAFIT’s hardware, textile engineers and designers have developed the collection to meet the highest demands. Using pared-down alpine designs and ultralight high-tech materials, they focus on trimming back the essential material to the bare minimum: Making a product out of “a little bit more than nothing”, so to speak.

Endurance is the ability or strength to continue, despite fatigue, stress or other adverse conditions. Efficient, lightweight and reliable gear boosts our athletes in their push to continue. Having the best product for competitive and endurance mountain activites increases your capacity to bear the pain, in both summer and winter.

Speed: DYNAFIT athletes and consumers continually test our equipment and materials in expeditions, speed ascents and other various projects under the toughest of conditions. Our main objective is to maintain a continuous flow of communication with our athletes in order to improve upon our products. We deliver on the need to speed up – uphill or downhill.