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K2 Skate

K2 Skates is the worldwide inline skate technology leader. The company’s position today began as a concept in 1994 when U.S. National Cross Country team member John Svensson and U.S. Olympic speed skater Tony Meibock approached K2 with a high-performance inline skate design for training in the off season. Both athletes saw beyond stiff plastic hockey-style designs that dominated the market. They worked with K2 engineers to develop a soft and comfortable boot. The K2 design permanently reshaped the inline skate market. K2 Skate offers numerous styles of men’s, women’s and children’s skates for everything from family recreation to professional competition. 

K2 Snowboard


Born in the Pacific Northwest in the shadow of the Cascade Mountains, K2 Snowboarding was raised in the backcountry of Mount Baker. From the beginning, the goal has been to create original concepts and technology that drives the progression of snowboarding. Offering a full-range of boards, bindings, boots, and their collection of Backside backcountry tools, the company meshes fun with serious gear. Twenty-five years later, K2 Snowboarding continues to innovate and grow the sport from the backcountry to the parks and all terrain in between. Seek and Enjoy.

K2 Ski

Seeking fun through innovation since 1962, K2’s all-mountain philosophy and technological advancements continue to lead the ski industry. Whether in the park and pipe, on resort groomers or deep in the backcountry, K2 is all about having fun while skiing the entire mountain. The brand’s  progressive ingenuity and comprehensive approach to maximizing skiers' experiences and performance in any condition is evident throughout its collection of award-winning products that not only include skis, but also ski boots, helmets, goggles and backcountry safety tools.