1948 The Beginning
Robert (Bob) Lange makes the first recorded attempt to develop a plastic-reinforced ski boot made with polyester resin.

1962 First Plastic Boot with Laces
First limited numbers production of new design, in blue and white, with the solution of molding the boot in two separate parts.

1965 The First Modern Ski Boot
Lange introduces the first plastic ski boot with metal buckles.

1967 Greene Wins First Inaugural World Cup
Nancy Greene (CAN), aka “The Tiger”, wins the first inaugural World Cup with the LANGE COMP boot.

1968 The First Woman's Ski Boot
Lange introduces the COMPETITE: the first ski boot designed specifically for women.

1968 Lange Wins Five Olympic Gold Medals
The LANGE COMPETITION boot wins five gold medals during the Olympic Games in Grenoble. 72% of Olympic competitors wear LANGE

1970 The First "Lange Girl"
Iconic images of women posing in Lange ski boots becomes a trademark of the brand
Including stars like Pamela Anderson over the years, the “Lange Girl” is later modernized, becoming the “Lange Icon”, showcasing Lange’s elite-level female athletes.

1971 The First Competition Ski Boot
Lange introduces the first competition-level ski boot

1972 Three Gold Medals at Sapporo Olympic Games
Bernhard Russi (SUI) wins GOLD in Downhill
Gustav Thöni (ITA) wins GOLD in Giant Slalom and SILVER in Slalom. (He also wins the Overall World Cup title)
Barbara Cochran (USA) wins GOLD in women’s Slalom

1978 The First Easy-to-Use Buckles
Lange introduces the BANSHEE: the first ski boot with easy-to-use buckles.

1983 Mahre Wins Third Overall World Cup Title
Phil Mahre (USA) wins his third consecutive overall World Cup title (1981, 1982, 1983) in the LANGE XLR.

1985 Girardelli Wins First Overall World Cup
Marc Girardelli (AUT) wins his first-of-five Overall World Cup titles; a record yet to be matched in men’s alpine racing.

1988 Four Gold Medals at Calgary Olympics
Alberto Tomba (ITA) wins GOLD in Giant Slalom and Slalom (2)
Franck Piccard (FRA) wins GOLD in Downhill
Marina Kiehl (FRG) wins GOLD in Downhill

1992 Compagnoni Wins First Olympic Gold
Deborah Compagnoni (ITA) wins her first of three Olympic GOLD medals at the Albertville Olympic Games in Super G.

1995 Tomba Wins Overall World Cup Title
Alberto Tomba (ITA) finally reaches his dream, winning the Overall World Cup title. By the end of his career, Tomba and LANGE will win 50 World Cup races together.

1998 Maier Wins Olympic Gold Twice in Nagano
Hermann Maier (AUT) aka “The Herminator” wins two GOLD medals at the Nagano Olympic Games in Super G and Giant Slalom. Over his career, Maier won four crystal globes, two Olympic Gold medals, and was a three-time World Champion.

2008 Riesch Wins Two Crystal Globes
Maria Riesch (GER) wins 2 crystal globes in the Combined and Super G. Riesch will go on to win multiple Olympic Gold medals and World Championships, including a Gold and Silver in the Combined and Super G in Sochi (2014).

2009 LANGE Dominates World Championships

At the Val d’Isere World Championships:
Maria Riesch (GER) wins GOLD in Slalom
Tina Maze (SLO) wins SILVER in GS
Lara Gut wins SILVER in Downhill and Super Combined
Maria Marchand Arvier (FRA) wins SILVER in SG
Nadia Fanchini (ITA) wins BRONZE in Downhill

2010 A New Benchmark in Fit and Performance
Lange introduces the RS 130 and RS 130 WIDE. The industry’s first mono-injected high-performance boots with "Choose your Width" option offers the same real-deal performance in 97mm and 100mm fits

Finally skiers no longer have to sacrifice  a comfortable fit for real-deal performance.

2011 More Success In and Out of the Gates

At the Garmisch World Championships:
Tina Maze (SLO) wins GOLD medal in Giant slalom and SILVER in Super Combined
Federica Brignone (ITA) wins SILVER medal in Giant Slalom
Maria Riesch (GER) wins 2 BRONZE medals in Downhill and Super G
Julia Mancuso (USA) wins SILVER in Super G
Maria Riesch (GER) wins Overall World Cup title

Aurelien Ducroz (FRA) is named the overall Freeride World Tour Champion for the second time (2009, 2011) and wins the Verbier Xtremes for the third time (2006, 2009, 2011)

2013 Maze Wins Overall World Cup
Tina Maze (SLO) wins the Overall World Cup Champion with a record breaking 2414 points.

2014 LANGE Dominates at Sochi Olympics
Lange’s excellence is on display in Sochi as Lange athletes are awarded more medals than any other boot brand, including five GOLD medals and a sweep on the women’s Downhill podium!

Tina Maze (SLO) wins two GOLD medals in Downhill (shared with Gisin) and Giant Slalom
Maria Hoëfl-Riesch (GER) wins one GOLD medal in Combined and one SILVER medal in Super G
Dominique Gisin wins one GOLD medal in Downhill (shared with Maze)
Lara Gut (SUI) wins one BRONZE medal in Downhill
Jan Hudec (CAN) wins one BRONZE medal in Super G
Jean-Frédéric Chapuis (FRA) and Arnaud Bovolenta (FRA) win Ski Cross GOLD and SILVER