About REHALL – “Enjoy your Rides!”

Rehall-outerwear was founded in the winter of 1999 by Ron Smits, long-time Dutch snowboarder and windsurfer who wanted to create a snow functional freeride collection which provides all the features you need, but at the same time does not cost a fortune. Save money on good quality outerwear and get out there to enjoy your rides!
Rehall is about freedom, enjoying fresh powder rides, respect nature and have fun out there. Rehall is not about competition. Do push yourself and try to get the most out of it. But it’s not about winning. It’s about being out there and having a great time with friends!
Ron: I started building windsurf and surfboards back in 1979, shaping, airbrushing, etc., mostly for my friends and private use only. Then in winter of ’84, as snowboarding came along for me, it pulled me into the Austrian mountains to go riding. I was instantly stoked! A great feeling of freedom in winter time, same like in summer time in and on the water, just awesome!
From there on it still took us 15 years to actually do it and put the first Rehall-outerwear collection on the market. O finally in 1999 at the turn of the century we launched the first Rehall winter 2000 collection!   
Our journey continuous and we hope you all enjoy your rides!

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